Our Clients

We are proud to serve a broad and diverse national client base. We believe that attitude is more important when building a successful relationship than the amount of income or wealth a client may have. 

Individuals & Families

From recent college graduates to retirees, we work with a wide variety of clients as their trusted advisor. Our clients work in a number of different industries, including education, medicine, real estate, law, construction, engineering, and retail.  

business owners

We work with a number of business owners and self-employed individuals, providing retirement plan services, tax planning, business management, and accounting services, in addition to managing their family's investment, retirement, and estate planning efforts. 

non-profit organizations / foundations

A number of non-profit organizations and charitable foundations have chosen us to serve as the investment advisor of their reserve or endowment funds, charitable trusts, and/or pool of charitable gift annuities. We are able to serve as the development office for small organizations, working with potential donors to help them accomplish their charitable intent in the manner that best meets their needs.