Cash & Debt Management

Managing cash and appropriately financing assets are an important part of comprehensive financial planning.

finding "margin"

One of the things we do well is assisting our clients to find "margin" within their monthly budget that will help them to maximize the utilization of their available resources. This effort may be to enhance their accumulation and investment efforts,  reducing their tax liability, growing their emergency savings, or setting aside funds for particular future goal.

managing debt

There is good debt and bad debt. We have seen many times that the misunderstanding and improper utilization of debt can be a significant factor in a person's inability to retire when and how they desire. We help our clients determine how much house they can afford and the most appropriate strategy for financing their home and other assets that will allow them to also maintain a focus on their long-term retirement goals and accumulation efforts. We believe strongly in the power of compounded earnings and taking advantage of the greatest length of time possible to have our resources working for us.