Estate Planning

Simply having estate documents may not mean that your estate planning goals are being accomplished. By getting to know our clients and their specific goals, we help to ensure those goals are accomplished in the manner most appropriate for them, while giving consideration to taxes, family dynamics, charitable intent, and other relevant factors.

custom plan

An important element of adequate estate planning is maintaining flexibility to accomplish the goals for your estate and avoid estate transfer taxes to the greatest extent possible. We discuss with our clients their specific goals and various options for accomplishing them to determine what is most appropriate. Once we design the custom plan for their specific situation, we generally provide a written memorandum to the attorney who will prepare the documents, at which point we continue to work closely with the attorney to discuss the plan and review the documents prior to execution. 

beneficiary designations

We ensure our clients' assets for which the distribution at death is not controlled by the last will and testament, such as insurance policies and retirement plans, have appropriate beneficiary designations to accomplish their specific goals in the most tax efficient manner.