Investment Management

An appropriately allocated and diversified portfolio of quality investments focused on the long-term is the hallmark of our investment management stategy. 

appropriate allocation

With each client, we help determine and formally document within the Investment Policy Statement the agreed upon portfolio allocation. The allocation between equites (i.e. growth investments, stocks) and fixed-income (i.e. bonds) should change as there are changes in your risk tolerance, stage in life, investment time horizon, net worth, or tax situation. A portfolio of almost 100% equities is likely appropriate during the accumulation phase of our lives when we have a number of years before funds are expected to be needed from the portfolio. However, the portfolio should be transitioned as we get closer to our planned retirement goal to be more balanced between growth and fixed-income investments to reduce the volatility and increase the investment income of the portfolio.  

broad diversification

We invest in the global economic marketplace in a disciplined manner that includes companies of all sizes, industries, sectors, and geographic regions. We also believe it is important to diversify the decision makers within the portfolio, which is accomplished by using multiple mutual fund families to take advantage of their particular focus or specialty. Just as certain colleges or universities specialize in particular degree programs, we strive to find and utilize portfolio managers who are the best at investing in their respective area of the marketplace. Examples include finding the best small-cap managers, those who specialize in investing overseas, or those large cap managers who can add value with their disciplined approach. 

thorough research

We believe there is more to investment research than prior performance and star ratings. We are intentional about developing relationships with portfolio managers at a number of mutual fund companies and investing with those who are disciplined in their long-term approach for finding and owning quality companies that can be purchased at a reasonable price. The portfolio managers with whom we invest take a "bottoms-up" approach to investment research, making decisions on a "company-by-company" basis rather than based solely on broad, macroeconomic factors.