Retirement Planning

We believe you can know reasonably well, today, the amount you will need to have to enjoy the type of retirement you desire, how much you need to be setting aside and investing every month to reach that goal, and whether or not you are on track for achieving it. Retirement planning is a dynamic and comprehensive process that must be undertaken to ensure you are able to successfully obtain your retirement goals. 

endowment approach

It is our view that the only successful way to plan for retirement is to grow your own personal endowment, with which you are able to generate the income you need during your retirement years. While this approach requires significantly more discipline and effort than the "annuitization" approach that is typical of most online calculators, which project consuming the entire portfolio and drawing it to zero at a given age, having an endowment mindset will ensure that you do not outlive your portfolio, regardless of the length of your retirement. We utilize a proprietary approach and calculations to show our clients what is required to accumulate the endowment they need to satisfy their individual goals, and we provide them with a perspective that allows them to easily identify and understand the impact of adjustments to their goals, savings efforts, and investment performance.

continual monitoring

As assumptions and our stage in life change, it is important to make the appropriate adjustments to the retirement projection and planning efforts. Just as sailing vessels, before the use of global positioning satellites, would plot the stars and adjust their heading to compensate for the effects of the wind and waves, we work with our clients to keep their retirement plan on course through all of the changes and challenges that are experienced.