Tax Planning

Comprehensive tax planning and efficiently managing the impact of taxes on planning and investment efforts are essential components of ensuring long-term financial success.


Our team includes three Certified Public Accountants who are knowledgeable and educated about the increasingly complicated Tax Code. Beyond the impact of income taxes, we also assist small business owners with managing their payroll taxes, business management, and succession planning, including the tax strategies and implications for selling a business.


With our financial planning and investment management services intentionally growing out of a more traditional public accounting firm, it is a natural fit for us to also assist our clients with their filing obligations by preparing individual, trust, corporate, and partnership income tax returns, which is accomplished by our co-located public accounting firm, Carter & Beard, P.C. As our clients' trusted advisor, many take advantage of this separate service and enjoy the benefits of the "one-stop shop" approach for added convenience, efficiency, and professional service.